Claremont Consulting, a global recruitment agency specialising in IT, HR and Engineering recruitment, are paving the way in improving the Work/Life Balance of their employees with the introduction of a pioneering employee wellbeing programme.

Following research into trends in employee wellness, Claremont are making efforts to raise awareness about Mental Health in the Workplace. Paul McGregor an individual directly affected by Mental Health and its consequences, will be meeting with the team on the 19th of June. Paul McGregor will be hosting a lunch and learn workshop on the subject of Mental Health, sharing his story, speaking openly about mental health to break the stigma alongside standing up to suicide.

Claremont understand the importance of a healthy diet and exercise to reduce stress and ensure better quality of sleep for their team. In support of this, they will be welcoming Michelle Flynn to their London Office on the 26th June. Michelle, an integrative health and nutrition coach will be working with the Claremont team to establish the connection between health and happiness in a series of health and wellbeing workshops and one to one sessions helping individuals understand their health goals.

One of the main initiatives that Claremont has already rolled out is that employees are now eligible to finish for the week at 1pm on Friday. Director Mark Baker said: “The main motivators in introducing the shorter working week is to enable people to spend more time with their families, giving them the ability to enjoy the Summer months and to improve their general health and wellbeing. The additional benefits being that staff are more focused, professional, motivated and enthusiastic.”

Future plans also include a workshop with Westfield Health, a company who enable people to take a more proactive and preventative approach to their health and wellbeing. Claremont’s company financial advisor will also be available to provide financial advice and planning to employees.