After entering its fourth year of trading from May 2020,  Digital Associate has matured and grown recognition for particular industry sector knowledge, and achieved impressive results with customers across the UK.

Through hiring Sam, they have been able to access a breadth of knowledge of the maritime industry that will build on their work with the sector through organisations like Mersey Maritime & Wirral Chamber of Commerce. This comes from Sam’s 5 and a half years’ experience as the Group Digital Manager at Peel Ports Group. On his new position Sam has expressed that he is excited to help many businesses with their marketing strategies and to expand and capitalise on their products.

As a result of their Mersey Maritime membership and the experience brought by Sam, Digital Associate have gained a greater understanding of the: members, challenges and opportunities facing the maritime sector. Particularly through this difficult time of post-Covid19 pandemic.

Regarding this issue Sam said, “current challenges in the sector relating to Covid are as you’d expect and the subsequent slowdown in global trade”.

Sam also had a message to the ancillary maritime business, “work out for now what is the easiest and quickest way to drive leads into your business in the current climate (PPC, LinkedIn, Google Search & Landing pages etc.). Then start to look at the mid/longer term opportunities that will be coming in future months”.

Another area of past experience that Sam brings to Digital Associate is his knowledge of the Financial Sector having worked both in London & the North West leading digital marketing campaign implementations with the likes of 118 Money, MBNA Bank and Close Brothers.

Digital Associate is a specialist in Lead Generation that can accommodate any business and offer a personalised approach in dealing with your marketing, to get the most out of your product or service.