Welcome to the Downtown Den

The definition of a Den:

‘a wild mammal’s hidden home; a lair.’

‘a room or hideout where a person can go to relax or be private’

‘a place where people meet in secret, typically to engage in an illicit activity.’

‘a place where DIB members, entrepreneurs and decision-makers unite during the Coronavirus challenge.’

To help our business community through the Coronavirus challenge, DIB is creating the ‘Downtown Den’ – where our business heroes, those who run and influence our cities and some of our fantastic members will be visiting to share their thoughts and opinions with us through webinars, podcasts and blogs.

We’ve also got a couple of DJs putting together Spotify playlists to get you through the coming weeks, some recommendations of books and boxsets and much more besides.

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For more information on the latest from Downtown in Business please use the details below.

Frank McKenna: 07919 592218 (frank.mckenna@downtowninbusiness.com)

Chris McKenna: 07554 450 423 (chris.mckenna@downtowninbusiness.com)

Abby Goldie: 07775 001320 (abby.goldie@downtowninbusiness.com)

Chris Wilcox: 07387 417094 (chris.wilcox@downtowninbusiness.com)

Amazing Podcast Episodes chosen by Monkey Pants Productions: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5KltcWFUUTKwYdqsyQ2BmQ

We are proud to work with some of the best hospitality venues across the country that offer exquisite food, beverage and service. But these venues now need our help, restaurants, bars and hotels are suffering. We want to make it easy for people to support the hospitality venues they love, so here are some links where you can buy gift vouchers to be used once COVID-19 has run its course.

 Hospitality Venue Partners

Fazenda – https://fazenda.co.uk/payments/

The Richmond – https://shop.bookin1.com/property/richuk/vouchers/list?cat=all

Hope Street Hotel – https://hopestreethotel.wearegifted.co.uk/

Gino’s – https://ginodacamporestaurants.com/myrestaurant/gift-card/

Hilton – https://www.buyhiltongiftcards.com/

Jury’s Inn – https://www.jurysinns.com/giftvouchers

Lu Ban – https://lubanrestaurant.co.uk/gifts-and-experiences/ – £99 gift card for £50!

Malmaison – https://www.malmaison.com/vouchers/

Marriott – https://gifts.marriott.com/gift-cards/

Neighbourhood – https://neighbourhoodrestaurant.giftpro.co.uk/