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Change Makers Live


Thursday 18th April 2024


8:00 am - 4:30 pm


The Spine, Liverpool
The Spine, Paddington Village, Liverpool, L7 3FA
We are returning to the fabulous Spine Building with a host of top quality speakers from the worlds of business, academia, and politics, exploring the challenges - and opportunities – that present themselves to business in the 21st Century. 

The 2024 Business & Innovation Conference

About the Event

Change Makers Live is a national Business & Innovation conference with the aim of exploring new and forward-thinking solutions to the challenges facing the UK and global economy in the twenty-first century and in the current economic climate.

This year’s Change Makers Live Conference will be Taking place on Thursday 18th April 2024, at the award-winning Spine Building based in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter.

Downtown in Business has partnered with BDP Design, Bruntwood SciTech, Catapult, the House of Wisdom Group, the Knowledge Quarter, and the Liverpool BID Company to host the event which will bring together a star-studded and varied line-up of innovators, policy makers, and influencers.


This event will bring together some of the county’s Leading entrepreneurs, academics, thinkers, and politicians to discuss and offer innovative solutions to the key issues that are affecting decision-makers not just in the UK, but around the globe.

The day will be centred around a series of wide ranging discussions and debates, around key issues including the space industry, the future of learning, business growth, community engagement, arts, sport, and culture, and social value place making.

Covering areas such as innovation, tech, science, health, and entrepreneurialism, this event brings together a range of viewpoints and pools experience from the best and brightest in the worlds of business, academia, and the public sector.

Keynote Speaker presentations:

This event will also feature a series of ‘Ted talk’ style presentations from many of the leading entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and academics in attendance.

Each talk will be an opportunity for a different expert to take the floor and share their thoughts on the challenges facing business, the economy, and the country at large.

Our hope is that this series of short presentations from our leading keynote speakers will make the conference a more interactive and productive event that will encourage comment and participation from all the delegates.

Benefits of Attending:

    • Insights from Industry Experts: Some of the most knowledgeable and innovative thinkers from across the UK be attending the Change Makers Live Conference to share their experiences and collective wisdom. The conference is an excellent opportunity to gain unprecedented and varied insights in to the challenges facing businesses in the current economy and the direction business is heading in.

    • Networking with Key Figures: It’s not all shut up and listen! Change makers live aims to bring some of the most important thought leaders and experts in various fields together to chew the fat over anything and everything. You’ll have the opportunity to network and connect with influential figures in your and other fields and form valuable partnerships as well as get one to one advice.

This event is a must-attend for individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners alike who want to get a clear understanding of key issues affecting the business world in the UK right now from unique angles and perspectives.


    • Tim Heatley is the co-founder of the ‘disruptor’ property development company Capital & Centric. In his career he has become something of a guru in the property industry, appearing on BBC documentary ‘Manctopia: Billion Pound Property Boom’ as well as an interior design series on Channel 4.

    • Jo Phillips, is a former adviser to both Paddy Ashdown and Bob Geldof. She now works as a freelance journalist and political commentator and her latest book, ‘Why Vote – How to make your voice heard in a world of broken politics’ is available now.

    • Rose Marley, is the chief executive of Co-operatives UK. With a background in creative industries, technology, the gig economy and entrepreneurship, she is a passionate advocate for social enterprise and values-led businesses. She was named a Big Issue Changemaker in 2021

    •  Silvana Cory-Wright, is the founder of the Social Impact Lab, an organisation which aims to give a voice to and recognise shop floor employees who are at the of their organisation and the communities they serve and by supporting and celebrating them benefit the company and community in turn. She also works closely with Schools Insider, a UK education consultancy service focussed on preparing children for their 11 plus and selective school placements.      

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