A new Birmingham based business has launched this month which will help busy professionals while providing employment opportunities for local homeless people. Shushyne provides a shoe shining service at select locations across Birmingham so that residents and city centre workers can always look their best.

Dull and dirty shoes can destroy the overall appearance of someone who has everything else smartly in place. However, most people can only remember shoeshine boys from films set 50 years ago. It is time for this artisan industry, like gin distilling, hand roasted coffee and male grooming, to rise again.

Shueshyne customers will be invited to sit and relax in a Chesterfield chair and read the paper while an Artisan brings their shoes back to life. The company is using this needed service to help a recently homeless individual to get back into employment. They will also be working with local homeless charities to find more artisans in the future.

Shushyne is the brainchild of local entrepreneur Bart Dalton. He said “I think we’ve all been caught at some point in the situation where we have an important meeting or interview to get to and suddenly notice that our shoes aren’t looking their best. We’ve not had shoe shiners in Birmingham for many years and at the same time we have a number of homeless people who need employment. By helping individuals to becomes shoe shiners, we can provide both a valuable service and much needed employment opportunities for homeless people.”