Celebrations for Graduates don’t end the day you graduate.

GUSTO have put together a package of treats to ease you into your working life!

This year they’re doing the following:

Make your Graduation sparkle

  • Every graduate will receive a glass of Prosecco
  • If they book soon enough, graduates will also receive a VIP Grad Pass, to help ease them into working life, which entitles them to:
    • 2 for 1 pizzas for them and a friend, anytime (except after 5pm on a Saturday)
    • In England, graduates will also be able to secure our 2 for £10 cocktail deals, anytime (except after 5pm on a Saturday)
    • In Scotland, graduates will be able to secure a free glass of wine or beer with their meal, anytime
    • The card is valid until 31st July 2020
    • Here’s a link to their page with T&Cs: www.gustorestaurants.uk.com/grad-pass
  • Plus, parents will receive a £20 voucher, redeemable on a bottle of wine on their next visit to Gusto