If you could bottle the energy, enthusiasm and boundless optimism that is integral to the DNA of inspirational business coach Michael Finnigan there are no challenges that you or your business faces that could not be overcome.

He is a whirlwind, which is appropriate given that his first major client was snooker champion Jimmy White. He is infectious, which is why we keep inviting him back to do his annual ‘Downtown Tour’ where he wows our members and has them walking out of the events on air. And he is a great storyteller, which enables him to easily convey key messages about business and personal success to his audiences.

His latest round of Downtown appearances ended with a barnstorming performance at a Liverpool Leaders Lunch which was sponsored by HR agency High Performance Consultancy and hosting in the impressive private dining room at Gino’s.

As always, he left attendees fascinated and breathless in equal measure as he spoke about his work with some of the biggest sporting names and some of the best- known business brands on the planet.

If you missed his ‘tour’ this year, not to worry. 2020 isn’t that far away and you can be certain he will be the first name on our ‘events speakers’ list next year.

In the meantime, watch this video clip of Finnigan as he talks business and entrepreneurship.