If you are interested in how to keep your team engaged and happy then there are no end of seminars to attend and books to read but what are people doing on the ground? What is working? What is not working? What are people trying and how are they trying to do it?

There is so, much to be learned from other people in the city. People doing great work on employee engagement and people facing interesting challenges. So, many insights to be gained from people working hard to make their organisations and, this amazing city, great places to work. If only there was a forum to sit down and chat in a semi-informal setting and to learn from the experiences and insights of others.

Downtown in Business members Growhouse have decided to create that opportunity. On the 25th March they will host a lunch for people who want to share their experiences and learn from each other.

For the cost of lunch participants will be treated to a welcome drink before sitting down to share and learn together and then to enjoy great conversation over a delicious lunch.

We asked Ian Harrison of Growhouse what was behind this new event.

“We all know that when people are engaged at work they have better lives and they are more productive. Everyone wins. It’s a no brainer. At Growhouse we get a buzz out of those two outcomes. Happy people and successful businesses are why we exist. In a city like Birmingham there are so many people with so many insights from doing interesting things to enable people to engage with their work. We just felt we had to give them an opportunity to learn from each other.”

The first ‘Lets Talk Employee Engagement’ lunch takes place on 25th March at The Lost and Found on Bennetts Hill

Tickets are £25 each (incl vat) and include 2 drinks and lunch.

12.00 – arrive and welcome drink

12.15 – round table conversations

1:15 – lunch

2.15 – Return to work or stay and continue the conversation.


Buy tickets here.