Liverpool-based digital agency J&R has rebranded as Matchstick Creative.

Prior to the rebrand, Matchstick Creative was best known for their work with SMEs, focusing on content marketing and website design. The agency is now moving towards working with organisations who want to make a difference in the world. Matchstick Creative now exclusively offers content, identity and experience services. Joining Founder and Content Director, Ruth Hartnoll, on the leadership team comes Experience Director Greg Macoy.

Matchstick Creative’s rebrand focuses on the process and craft involved in their work. Nods to workshops are found in the new bright, highlighter colours. Arrows and underlines evoke a visual language from the world of copy editing. Details are highlighted with a pop of colour or a swoosh of highlighter. Matchstick Creative has created a mini blog series, The Rebrand Series, to help companies understand their process and demystify the work that goes into developing a brand.

Ruth Hartnoll, the Content Director and Founder of Matchstick Creative, had this to say: “Our new brand is the perfect reflection of what we’ve been working hard on over the first two years of our business. We found we naturally attracted companies and organisations doing good in the world, so we wanted our brand to reflect that too. Our mission is to create a more equal world through well-told stories and shared experiences. Our new name and positioning help to explain that better than ever before.”