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The Procure Partnerships Framework was established to support public sector bodies to procure contractor partners. The framework is divided into regional lots supporting the framework values of local delivery with national governance. The pilot for the Procure Partnerships Framework was the North West region (Procure North West Framework) which was launched in July 2018. After its rousing success, which included 24 different client users in the first 9 months, the decision was made to roll out the regional framework model nationally.

The Procure Partnerships Framework pushes the boundaries of how procurement can support public sector bodies to deliver their strategic targets. The framework has been built to be flexible giving clients choice with single stage or two stage procurement options and up to 8 forms of call off contract. There is also no fee for public sector bodies across the UK to access the framework and clients are always in full control of each projects procurement process via their individual ‘Project Page’ hosted upon the ‘Procure Partnerships ePortal’ 

As well as helping to facilitate projects that will help shape our growing towns and cities, they felt it was important to give something back and help protect the future of the industry in the region through enhanced upskilling and training. Like other frameworks, their partners will be required to deliver projects in line with the Social Value Act, but they want to go one step further and as a framework directly invest in construction skills training across each region.

Through their experience and detailed analysis of procurement options across the UK, there are multiple factors that result in frameworks not working in the most efficient or beneficial ways for both clients and contractors. They have addressed these when structuring the Procure Partnerships Framework ensuring that the framework is flexible but robust, and that clients can prove demonstrable value for money when procuring their projects in partnership with them.

For more information visit https://www.procurepartnerships.co.uk/