Lantei, compliance services and training centre, will be moving into a new flagship building in 2020. While a precise date is yet to be determined, the company hopes that the new headquarters – which was once Eden’s Boy School, will be fully refurbished by early 2020. Plans show that the first floor will be primarily used by Lantei and the lower ground floor will be used to expand the City and Guilds accredited training centre, Lantei Learning.

Lantei is currently located in Essex Street, where its’ office is based on the bottom floor in the Recycling Lives building. The new, 4-storey Lantei headquarters will cement the company’s passion for Preston, “Confidence and optimism are high, and the future looks good, not only for Prestonians but for Preston’s position as the shining beacon of inspiration to everyone in Lancashire,” says Anthony Smith, the CEO and founder of Lantei.

This plan has been in the works for a long time now and it has been amazing to see pen to paper of our new building. The business will be supporting the Preston model with an investment of £1.5million on the new building location and ten-year commitment to Preston. Therefore, allowing us to grow as a business and as a City and Guilds Electrical Training Centre.

One of Lantei’s value’s is comradery, therefore it is important to look back and thank the people who helped the business along the way. It is important to recognize that one’s success is to a large extent unfeasible without these people in our lives and we need to let them know that.

We Educate, Innovate and Deliver Safety…One Test at a Time.