A leader in enterprise cloud computing has announced that its market leading software has been selected by a leading UK business service provider, M247, to meet escalating customer demand for scalable end-to-end hybrid cloud solutions hosted across a diverse mix of infrastructure and services.

Already a major player in global network connectivity, hosting, telephony and security markets, M247 is adding the Nutanix software to a portfolio of best-of-breed products to offer hybrid cloud-based solutions, with the ability to span public cloud services, hosted data centre and on-premise customer platforms. By opting for the Nutanix software, the service provider will be able to deliver vendor and hypervisor neutral solutions with all the on-demand scalability and clear cost advantages of public cloud services, together with full end-to-end management visibility across the complete hybrid infrastructure.

“Customers are increasingly asking for help to move critical business applications into the cloud, but not necessarily by migrating systems wholesale to public services such as AWS or Azure,” commented Greg Hudson, Hosting and Cloud Solutions Architect. “The Nutanix software not only offers the highest level of synergy with those services, but access to the same technologies from within our managed data centres and on customer premises. And that means the ability to build true hybrid cloud solutions independent of hardware vendor and hypervisor platform, yet still with full end-to-end visibility and management.”

As well as using the Nutanix software to offer customers access to cloud-based services, M247 will act as a Nutanix reseller for both on-premise and co-located customer products. The initial deal will see the Nutanix solution offered by M247 across international markets.

“Nutanix enables us to differentiate our offering and fill what we see as a real gap in the market,” commented Kevin Paige, CTO at M247. “While most vendors can only offer customers part of the hybrid cloud, we’ll be able to provide the whole thing. Additionally, we can support the customer’s entire hybrid infrastructure with Nutanix’s much respected support services acting as a seamless extension to our own cloud management teams.”

“It was refreshing to work with the team at M247 who clearly understand that customers want the advantages of a hybrid cloud, but don’t necessarily want to be locked into a single hardware vendor or hypervisor platform,” said Dom Poloniecki, General Manager, Sales, Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, Nutanix. “By adding the Nutanix software to its portfolio, M247 will be able to build the kind of modern scalable hybrid clouds that customers need and deploy them across a mix of hardware/software platforms while still providing full management visibility. It’s a win-win, both for M247 and its customers.”