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How strong is your Company Culture?

Roger Pemberto shares his thoughts on the value of Company Culture.

I ask this question having attended a recent Action Coach conference and listened to a presentation by one of our leading coaches John Cottrell.

In the session he asked how the Action Coach 14 points of Culture flow and what sequence they should be considered in. This was not something I had given thought to previously and I will go through the results of that exercise soon.

However, before I do here are my thoughts on the value of Company Culture and some thoughts on how you can evaluate how strong the culture is in your business. Culture should, in my opinion, inform the way you do business – how employees in your business should behave. In essence it is an illustration of the values that you want all employees to share and through this provide a basis for behaviour for all to follow. Verne Harnish in his rhythm of the business work states that the Values should be forever – the foundation of the pyramid that leads to daily huddles that are the micro communication for all in the team to review what they did the previous day, say what they are going to do today and to ask for assistance with any issues or concerns that will get in the way of their weekly achievement of early indicator targets or task completion.

When a sole trader sets up their business, the values of the business are set by the way they behave, based on their identity – their skills, beliefs and values. As part of the process of growth this needs to be captured into a culture that reflects the owners value set. This should then be used as a basis for recruitment. This means that all who join your business share the same values and will do business the same way. As well as using for recruitment I suggest that the values are also integrated into both performance reviews and into company reward and recognition policies. This reinforces the importance of the culture to your team and becomes a part of the carrot rather than a stick. However, the culture should be considered as a significant part of the “Rules of the game” in any business.

So, with that framework in mind, please consider how strong your Company culture is. If anyone would like to discuss how to get their company culture to where it is an asset to your business please contact me on or on 07511 969690.

Earlier in this article I mentioned the Action Coach 14 points of culture. Here they are in a sequence which covers how I behave in my business and with clients in their business for your interest and comment.

Integrity, – I always speak the truth.

Ownership – be responsible and accountable for everything that takes place. Life is done by me ( not to me).

Commitment– give myself and everything I do 100% until I succeed. Have to get to unconscious competence.

Balance– complete my most important tasks first. Rituals help you achieve balance. Success – focus on successful outcomes of whatever I am doing.

Consistency- gain trust through delivering consistently.

Excellence– do more with less, good enough isn’t.

Education– I learn from my mistakes. Learn before you earn.

Communication– speak positively in both public and private.

Teamwork– I am a team player and a team leader.

Systems – be kind to the people be tough on the process. Make jobs easier to achieve successfully.

Fun – I view my life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciative.

Gratitude– catch myself and other people doing things right.

Abundance – I accept that abundance only shows up at the level to which I show up.

I hope you found this of interest and thanks for reading.

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