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Dayle O’Hara, Relationship Marketing Manager from City District Limited on why she has nominated Managing Director City District Limited Tomas Maunier as her business hero.

Having worked for City District for 9 years, and working closely with Tomás for the duration, I was always inspired by his motivation, passion and leadership.

We have all collectively nurtured both our Fazenda and Picanha brands over the years, putting blood sweat and tears into their growth, success and most importantly the culture within our teams.

You see, people don’t ‘work’ for City District…they come and they fall in love with the family that has been built and nurtured, and remains solid as ever.

We, as everyone, never anticipated that one day everything we have worked for could be compromised as quickly as it is right now, with no direct correlation to our business performance.

When the country became aware of the impending impact of COVID-19, we planned, and we contingency planned, and contingency planned again; moving from green to red in a matter of hours.

Throughout the whole process, Tomás has led the team of 450 people, with a genuine caring and concern for the wellbeing of each and every person in our team, with personal calls, regular contact and wellbeing initiatives for the teams.

We always knew Tomás was a great leader, but throughout the last couple of months he has proved he is a leader with grit, heart and determination more than ever…a true business hero!