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Lu Ban believes that their guests should not only have an excellent experience, but that they should also leave having learnt something about Tianjin; their food culture, their sense of community and their traditions.

Liverpool was chosen as the first ever Lu Ban location because it has the best community, founded upon great traditions and a burgeoning food culture.

Lu Ban is an elegant and modern venue in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle which offers a unique experience with an exquisite array of dining options including small plates, tasting menus and Tianjin banquets.

Experience small plate dining, or xiao panzi. Lu Ban Restaurant offers beautifully presented authentic food, prepared using traditional Chinese methods and skills.

In Tianjin, the region that has influenced their cuisine, the custom of eating the right food in the right season has existed for a long time. Following research visits to the region, Dave Critchley, their Executive Head Chef, has created a menu that includes an array of seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes designed for you and your guests to share.

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