I hope everyone has had a good week. I have had a great week and stuck to my fitness regime and step count which always puts me in a good place.

I have to admit that during this pandemic I have been a little selfish with my time. I haven’t been doing much industry or business community stuff.  I’m aware that probably seems selfish.  However, I’ve been a sole business owner I’ve had to absolutely focus my time within my businesses and work hard to drive costs down, create sales and marketing strategies, as well as develop, motivate and lead the team.  On top of that I am a great believer in self-care, and I know for me to be at my best I have to exercise so that is always built into the top of my day.

However, Natalie Merrin who used to be in the events team at one of our favourite venues, Carden Park, is now a lecturer at Liverpool City College. For once I made the time because Natalie has looked after Make Events so many times. I also think in these situations we need to be realistic in what we can give.  I was asked to do a 30-minute presentation with slides, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to prioritise creating a new slide deck. I have to focus on the business and although that might seem selfish, I have to prioritise my team and brand.

I was open about this and said I was happy to talk without slides and if that would work and Natalie said yes.

I talked about how I started the business, the new world and the importance of virtual events and how these students are going to find a job in one the of the worst hit industries.

When I do talks, I am quite open to talking about facts and figures because I feel like real talk is far more engaging.

I know from employing events management graduates they never learn too much about budgets and finances and come into the industry quite green to this area.

When asked to give my top tips for post-graduation and pandemic, I think some of these points could be applied to people currently looking for work in other industries –

It’s tough out there.  You may have to give something for free, offer work experience and get yourself noticed.

You may need to refer to your plan B.  What was your second choice of career?  Do a PIVOT and return to what you love when it’s possible. You will never not learn something in a new job or industry.

If you really want to work somewhere – email your CV, send your CV with a marketing gift, drop off your CV (COVID restrictions permitting).  Make sure your CV is no more than two pages and for a creative industry your CV should really be designed and look colourful.

So, my takeout from this for YOU is focus on what you really need to do at the moment, it is great to be involved in loads of other external things, if it helps your end goal, but don’t get burnt out at the expense of the things you need to do personally to be at your best.

If you do agree to do something, don’t be afraid to agree on your own terms. There is nothing worse than saying yes to something and then feeling regretful or resentful.

Enjoy your last weekend in full lockdown and plan and focus ready for the week ahead!