The Insights People, the award-winning tech company behind Kids Insights and Parents Insights which surveys more than 40,000 children and 10,000 expecting and new parents every year, has secured a six-figure investment from UK ‘kid-tech’ business SuperAwesome.

SuperAwesome is ranked the fastest growing tech firm in the UK by the Financial Times (May 2018) and its technology is used by hundreds of companies worldwide to enable kid-safe digital engagement.

SuperAwesome’s investment comes as The Insights People’s kicks off its second funding round and as former head of production at broadcaster Nickelodeon, Howard Blumenthal, joins as non-executive director to aid the firm’s international expansion, following the launch of Kids Insights US earlier this year.

The Insights People is the most comprehensive and dynamic market intelligence resource on all things kids, parents and families. By surveying 400 different UK kids a week (20,000 a year), more than 150,000 data points are being added to its award-winning online portal every week.

Every week in the UK, The Insights People uses its All Questions Answered (AquA) technology and real-time online platform to survey 400 different kids and teenagers aged 4-18 and 200 different parents of children aged 0-4. These numbers give its surveys greater statistical significance than competitors and enable clients to access data in real-time to identify and respond to the latest trends quickly and efficiently.

Since launching in 2016, the Manchester-based company’s insights on kids’ preferences has led to an impressive client list, including games business SEGA, toy manufacturer Hasbro and publisher Penguin Random House.

Following the opening of its US office, The Insights People has also recently launched Kids Insights US, an American version of the platform, after increased demand from US brands keen to better understand the children’s markets they serve.

Much like the UK operation, this is achieved by surveying 400 different kids, tweens and teens (more than 20,000 every year), offering US brands insights into emerging trends to support advertising, content, licensing, product and marketing investments.

Across both the UK and US businesses, The Insights People add around 400,000 data points every week.

Nick Richardson, CEO of The Insights People commented: “Our strategic partnership with SuperAwesome indicates the great strides The Insights People has rapidly made. SuperAwesome’s six-figure investment is a fantastic vote of confidence in our business plan and a great start as we embark on a second round of funding to enable our global expansion.

“It’s also a massive boost to bring Howard Blumenthal’s passion and knowledge on board. His experience of the kids’ entertainment market is second to none. I met Howard at the Children’s Global Media Conference in Manchester last December and we immediately connected and could see the opportunity to work together.”

Dylan Collins, CEO of SuperAwesome, stated: “Real-time data on kids’ behaviour is key for virtually every company operating in this sector so we’re delighted to welcome Nick and the team into the SuperAwesome family.”

Howard Blumenthal was Nickelodeon’s first head of production, and created PBS’s US game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? He says, “This generation of children is unlike any that came before. They are immersed in all sorts of media, and they communicate with one another at lightning speed. New ideas emerge rapidly, and trends develop and fall apart quickly. Nick and the team have developed a 21st century approach to market research with abundant data and analysis in very nearly real time. It’s exciting to be a part of that future.”

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