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Building Bonds and Solving Mysteries: Red Rock Communications Epic Team Day!

Emmanuel Okundaye, Hed of Marketing & Brand Makreting Coordinator at Red Rock Comunications discusses Red Rock Communications recent team building day.

Emmanuel Okundaye, Head of Marketing & Brand Marketing Coordinator at Red Rock Comunications discusses their recent team building day.

On Thursday 28th October, the Red Rock Communications team embarked on our very first murder mystery and team-building extravaganza, and what a day it was!

Our adventure kicked off with the ‘Albion House Murder,’ a mystery that sent shivers down our spines as we came into the office and stumbled upon the severed hand of ‘Jane Smith,’ who had interviewed with Paul James the day before. The revolution was palpable as we raced against time to unravel the enigma before PC Rob Banks returned with his handcuffs.
With just one hour on the clock, our team went into full detective mode, piecing together the timeline of events and scrutinizing each other’s alibis. Clues were scattered throughout the office like a body scarf and ace, and the office was full of intrigue. Slowly, it started to become clear who was innocent and who had some mystery in their history!
In the end, it came down to two prime suspects, but in the end, justice was not served, and the real murderer slipped through our grasp!

Next, we were divided into three teams, armed only with paper, string, and Sellotape, and were tasked with constructing the ultimate shelter for an egg dropped from daunting heights.

Some designs soared to success, while others left team members with eggs on their faces!

Our engineering skills were then put to the test as we aimed to build the tallest and sturdiest tower to support a book, again armed with just paper, string, and Sellotape. “The Tower of Babylon” reached great heights but crumbled under the pressure of the book. The church tower lacked the necessary strength and height to withstand the weight of the book. The undisputed champion was “The Leaning Tower of Red Rock,” crafted by Sarah Chapman, Paul Bate, and Chris Burnett, who proudly held the book without any support.

Beyond the competitive spirit, this team-building day reinforced our unity within the office, as individuals from different departments collaborated and connected in aspects, they would never do on their day-to-day objectives.

At Red Rock Communications, we focus on building a strong foundation and a culture that elevates each other, both internally and with our clients. This day of fun and bonding was a testament to that commitment and the team spirit we are trying to build.

We extend our thanks to Sarah for orchestrating this fantastic day, and we eagerly await the next team-building adventure on the horizon!

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