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Founded in Manchester in 2018, GO! was established out of acknowledgement and experience that the marketing landscape was changing. Brand leaders are under more scrutiny and presented with more choices than ever before. Agencies are either being left behind or struggling to be heard.

The GO! model was born as the solution. Driven by two brothers with over 25 years combined experience in the industry, leading an exceptional team across the UK, GO! brings great people together to do great things.

The GO! Network represents the in-house marketing, brand & digital leaders of the UK and the incredible agencies that support them.

GO! works on a zero charge model with brands to help identify, engage and select best in class agencies for their brand ambitions across all channels.

Agencies who invest to become part of the GO! Network are transforming their new business pipeline through access to qualified opportunities that fit with their purpose, proposition and personality.

For more information visit https://timeforgo.com/