A Liverpool based restaurant, which is part of Marco Pierre White’s restaurant estate, will be taking part in the inaugural National Steak Day.

Taking place on 25 April 2019, this new national day has been launched to celebrate and bring together restaurants that serve the finest steaks. The idea is to cement the day in the public’s psyche and give lovers of steak an opportunity to enjoy their favourite meal while benefitting from special ‘steak-day’ offers.

The participating restaurant is the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill Liverpool, which serves quality 35-day aged steak supplied by Campbell Brothers, ideal for this new national day.

It is now hoped that the support for the new National Steak Day by arguably the UK’s greatest ever chef, will not only educate but encourage customers to pop in to participating restaurants make the most of the 25 per cent off steak-day offer.

Chris Halliday-Burgess, restaurant manager said: “It is hard to believe, that with our calendars full of ever more – some rather tenuous – national food days, that steak has been overlooked for so long. Understandably, it was felt that it was time this day was officially recognised and we’re delighted to take part.

“Our restaurant provides the perfect ambience and atmosphere where customers can enjoy a delicious steak meal. Both underpin Marco’s philosophy of ‘affordable glamour’ where service is of the highest standard and portions are generous.”

Founder of National Steak Day, Nathan Evans says, “We want to celebrate quality meat and quality steak. We appreciate that both environmentally and for health reasons we need to be eating less red meat but the message we want to communicate is that if you are going to be eating meat you should be consuming the best of the best.

“National Steak Day was created to showcase the quality and excellence in our industry and to rally together to support steak businesses across the U.K. With the likes of World Porridge Day and National Doughnut Week in existence, it seems strange that we do not currently have a National Steak Day.”

To be part of National Steak Day restaurants have to offer at least one steak on their menu at a 25% discount for the day or a special menu with added value for the customer.

To find out more about participating restaurants please visit https://thenationalsteakday.com/

For further information about MPW Restaurants please visit www.mpwrestaurants.co.uk