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New Year, New You

From live football through to wellbeing seminars, Masons Liverpool has something for you this January.
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Mason’s Liverpool has a host of events throughout January 2020.

From Live football through to wellbeing seminars, Masons Liverpool has something for you this January. For more information visit

Full event list below.

2nd Jan – LFC V Sheffield 8pm

4th Jan – New Year New Me – Fitness seminar & brunch with ABs Gym 1pm start

New Year New You…

Your 2020 Health kick starts at Masons!

Join us for a fitness brunch and Seminar with ABs!

Liverpool’s No.1 personal trainers, Absolute Body Soltuions (ABS), are ready to help you smash your New Year body resolutions with their range of tailored training and nutrition programmes. Described by the Liverpool Echo as ‘Liverpool’s Most Exclusive Gym’ where the results are ‘incredible’, ABS has a whole range of short and long term programmes, from their renowned 6 Week Transformation to their 16 Week service. They work with their clients to tailor programmes that specifically suit their goals, fitness levels and lifestyle. ABS’ Liverpool gyms are state-of-the-art and the team makes a point of keeping the atmosphere fun and positive to ensure their clients look forward to coming in. If you don’t like training alone, that’s no problem, ABS offers partner training on all their programmes. This keeps motivation high but is also a great way of splitting the cost of personal training this New Year.

In January ABS Owner, Connor O’Brien will be giving a presentation at Masons over a healthy brunch, on how you can achieve your body goals in the New Year. He will be talking through his top tips to ensure you put yourself on the right track. The presentation will look at ABS’ 6 Week Transformation programme, fat loss example workouts, nutrition top tips and supplements among other topics. There will also be ample time for a Q&A so Connor can answer all your health and fitness questions.

5th Jan – LFC V Everton

8th Jan – Winter Love Island launch party – unlimited pizza & prosecco £30  8pm start

Gather the girl to watch the Winter Love Island launch at Masons with unlimited pizza & prosecco

11th Jan – New Year New Me – Law of attraction seminar 1pm start

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that can be used to bring experiences and things into your life using the power of the subconscious mind. It has been made popular through books such as the secret and world renowned speakers such as Abraham Hicks. But can anyone use it?

Geniene Azalea believes that we all have the power to bring things into our life that we would like to have or to have happen. She had this to say:
“The Law of Attraction is a way of life, it’s the road to becoming self aware, extra conscious and more confident. Learning the techniques I teach in my seminars, workshops and courses will empower any person that wants to make positive changes in their lives and avoid attracting experience’s that they really don’t want”

Beat the January blues. Masons, Seel Street will host a free Law of Attraction event on Saturday 11/1 at 1pm. Just grab your friends, and a free ticket and join us to learn more about this metaphysical nature of reality.

18th Jan – New Year New Me – Fitness & Health brunch with The Lab 1pm start

New Year New Me, enjoy brunch and a health seminar from The Lab fitness studio!

The LAB Fat Loss and Fitness Studio, Liverpool’s most exclusive Personal Training facility based in the heart of the city centre, was created to get the best out of you.

Located on Stanley Street in Liverpool City Centre, you will find a professional facility, with a sole purpose of bettering your lifestyle. Regardless of your needs we have some of the best personal trainers in the city who will ensure you reach your goals. Whether it is weight loss, muscle building or performance based techniques we cater for all.

Tickets £10pp includes one brunch option unlimited green tea or coffee

19th Jan – NEW YEAR NEW ME – Crystal Healing 6pm start

About this Event
Join Ged from crystal visions for a brief introduction to crystals, focusing on clear quartz. We will learn about how crystals are thought to help with our own wellbeing and participate in activities to help you connect and discover crystal energy!

23rd Jan – SPARKLE Networking 6pm start

24th Jan – New Year New Me – Intention setting workshop 5pm start

So you know what you want, you understand the Law of Attraction and you’ve used it to manifest and had some success. But, it’s 2020 and you know that you can go even further. Book onto this intention setting and vision board workshop to find out how to really activate this unique power that we all hold. Our host, Geniene Azalea, will guide is through the techniques we can use to speed up the process.

Everything is energy and like attracts like, your thoughts, words and actions are creating your reality, wouldnt it be great if we could hone the skills to bring more of what we love into our lives?

About Geniene:

Geniene Azalea is a self professed self help junkie, a former PR girl turned meditation mogul who has been using the Law of Attraction since she was a little girl. Manifesting property, jobs, people and worldwide travel. Geniene now shares what she has learnt on her journey through her courses and workshops.

31st Jan – Summer Luvin Fashion Show

Details TBC

1st Feb – James Morgan Disco Brunch

Details TBC

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