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Growth Company provides further support for Greater Manchester businesses returning to the workplace

The Growth Company’s guidance will be conveyed in a ‘Returning to the Workplace’ webinar on Monday 7 September featuring Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.

As more employees return to shared work spaces across Greater Manchester this month – and particularly to offices – the Growth Company is providing further support measures to ensure employers are in a position to sustain the changes they have already made, and know how to adhere to their Test and Trace responsibilities.

The Growth Company’s guidance will be conveyed in a ‘Returning to the Workplace’ webinar on Monday 7 September featuring Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, which will look exclusively at the challenge of office-based workplaces returning, as schools also reopen.

Taking place from 1100-1200 the webinar will be hosted by Michael Taylor, Head of Regional Affairs, Manchester Metropolitan University.  It will also be a chance to hear from; Simon Warburton, Transport Strategy Director, Transport for Greater Manchester, Jennifer Atkins, People Director, Bruntwood; Carolyn Hicks, Director, Deloitte and Terry Duffy, North West Director, ACAS.

The session will address some of the immediate barriers to returning to the workplace including Public Transport capacity, face covering uptake, schooling/childcare, adherence to the test and trace scheme, as well as the inherent on-going risks around second wave and localised lockdowns.

Business owners are being encouraged to register for the webinar and to prepare to engage with the Greater Together campaign to demonstrate best practice and show how they are doing their bit. They will soon be able to access a business engagement toolkit that will contain supporting assets and content such as banner ads, thumbnails, and guidance with social posts etc.

This month sees a step change in how we live with COVID-19 with schools reopening and government guidance encouraging people to return to the office if they can. The challenge of bringing potentially millions of people back to shared spaces across Greater Manchester whilst minimising the risk of infection can only be met if the people, businesses and leaders that use or own these spaces are able to collaborate and do their bit.

Mark Hughes, chief executive of the Growth Company, said: “With many more shared workplaces expected to open this month, businesses need to ensure that they are not only adhering to current guidelines but are also fully prepared and know what to do in the event of an employee testing positive with COVID-19, or for any further changes to local and national lockdown restrictions.

“We’ve recently heard from Andy Burnham in encouraging businesses and individuals to do their bit for Greater Manchester during this next phase of recovery.  In supporting this approach we simply want to reassure business owners that we are here to help them navigate the latest guidance and take the right steps to ensure they are operating a Covid-safe workplace.”

Information to help business leaders and owners do their bit and ensure their workplaces are comply with the latest national and local restrictions can be found here: 

To register for the Greater Manchester ‘Returning to the Workplace’ Webinar on Monday 7th September at 11am:

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