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Sedulo eye £70m innovation injection into local economy following Head of R&D appointment

Business advisory specialist, Sedulo Group, has announced the appointment of Josh Perry as Head of R&D from innovation funding consultancy, Leyton.

Business advisory specialist, Sedulo Group, has announced the appointment of Josh Perry as Head of R&D from innovation funding consultancy, Leyton.

The appointment follows other high-profile hires pre-and-during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Big Four and global brand experience joining in industries such as wealth management, tax and HR.

Perry has worked in the R&D sector for over 10 years, most recently opening Leyton’s Manchester office and heading up their sales effort for the UK. His role at Sedulo sees him run the firm’s work in rewarding innovative businesses across the UK with research and development tax relief from HMRC.

With HMRC investing more in inspectors to clamp down on fraudulent claims, Perry’s arrival is seen as the first of many R&D recruits as the team look to inject £70m into the local economy through innovation funding whilst the Sedulo Group motors towards 200 staff across Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and London.

The company has also set their sights on future talent, with the development of a comprehensive graduate scheme to provide opportunities to people early in their careers also in the pipeline.

On his appointment, Perry said:

“The opportunity and timing for me to join the Sedulo Group is perfect.

“On the one hand, The R&D industry is going through a transitional phase, sothe demand for a technically astute and financially diligent service to help steer clients through the new R&D minefield has never been greater. I’m excited to help more Sedulo clients get access to the correct quality of advice, as well as help them walk the tightrope between claiming their full entitlement whilst avoiding any unnecessary risk.

“On the other hand, I know how to scale teams and create a high-performance culture which is also fun to be part of, which matches seamlessly with the culture of Sedulo. For the R&D team this will mean more expertise to support with the deliverables, more people to learn from and more opportunities to progress in their careers.

“Long-term I’m looking to build the most successful R&D brand in the UK, whilst also supporting Sedulo with its growth journey directly through R&D revenue and ultimately help grow Sedulo into an international brand.”

Managing Partner at Sedulo, Paul Cheetham-Karcz, said,

“As a business we’re constantly working to be world-class, and the only way to consistently do that is to innovate and grow.

“Supporting innovative businesses and individuals is a central part of every area in Sedulo Group, so Josh’s arrival is massive for both our clients looking to achieve and grow in their sectors, and also our team who are looking to develop their innovative skillsets.

“In his previous role he was also the youngest-ever member of the SMT, so he absolutely fits the bill with what we’re trying to achieve today and for the future.”

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