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‘Tech for Purpose’ as an ethos and operating model

Andy Peters-Smith from VCG discusses how organisations are seeking out smarter ‘circular’ ways to run their IT systems.

Words: Andy Peters-Smith, VCG CEO

Developing an IT strategy to move away from linear thinking and ‘one-off’ hardware purchasing is becoming a preferred option as organisations seek out smarter ‘circular’ ways to run IT.

Staying ahead of the market with the latest and most appropriate technologies is no longer cost prohibitive and shaping an operational future to meet market demands is more about a commitment to sustainable excellence than constant re-investment in the latest gizmos.

In this article, I am describing our key leadership principles, how they embed our ethos, #Techforpurpose, and how this generates value and profit for the organisations we work with.  

Over the last 20 years we’ve experienced many technological advancements, our interactions have changed and in turn, they changed the way we look at our future. A ‘tech evolution’ rather than revolution has helped us iterate an approach that is based on a circular economic model, covering three core outcomes of the enterprise ecosystem: 

  • Operating Cost efficiency 
  • Scalability, flexibility and security
  • Sustainable, circular evolution 

Based on a circular framework we use our knowhow to implement and optimise IT infrastructures to meet modern challenges, and create a space where technology is fit for purpose, both now and in the future. It’s a purpose that comes from within and includes all areas of business – a purpose that focuses on the demands of your customers and employees alike.

With the aim of creating a secure, sustainable, and environmentally friendly future for all, we support technology and IT transformation programmes across three areas:

Powering the Hybrid Workplace – Sustainable Circular Evolution.

From tech platforms to the way we work today – everything is hybrid. Acute talent shortages across all sectors drive organisations to adopt flexible working policies to hire the people they need with the workstyle they demand. Green thinking and ethical environmental policies are increasingly important in the selection of partners and reducing carbon usage is something we all strive to do, at home and at work. Joining a video call with colleagues around the UK is far more cost effective than travelling to the office for a 2-hour meeting – it’s greener and generally more productive too! Adhering to both legal and moral requirements go hand in glove with supplier compliance requirements and staff wellbeing, and the emerging circular economy looks beyond the current ‘take and make’ waste model to a recycling approach that focuses on positive society-wide benefits.

Operational Cost Efficiency

Pay as you go cost models suit flexible, scalable business operations, and utilising Managed Services in preference to running in-house systems and infrastructure makes increasing commercial sense.

Reducing upfront capital expenditure (CapEx) and moving towards an everything-as-a-service (XaaS) model is more compatible with the way businesses run their P&L accounts. Comparing the total cost of ownership for DIY ‘in-house’ services against the OpEx option of using a tech partner for some or all of your IT requirements is worthy of forensic investigation. 

So many organisations fail to manage their software licensing costs properly, and as a consequence they continue to pay for applications that are not fully utilised. The devil is in the detail, and the detail here is very complicated; it’s why many customers ask us to help them optimise and manage their software licensing agreements. Ensuring network and systems are operational, monitored, and protected at all times is an ongoing challenge. The arms race between cybercriminals and IT leaders intensifies each year, with eyewatering costs associated with incidents and system downtime. Business continuity, resilience, and the knowledge that systems are being managed on a 24/7 basis frees up time for IT managers to work on more productive and innovative projects.

Cloud Transformation, Connectivity & Security

All organisations are at some point on their journey to the cloud, and everyone will eventually reach the same destination – public cloud! And as we evolve into an application led world, why would anybody want to buy and run their own datacentres with all the complexity, baggage, and stranded investment that comes with it? We’re not there yet, and the steps along the way, through hybrid cloud are vital building blocks – and of course a big bang approach is not recommended! 

We help customers design, build, and optimise cloud and connectivity strategies for future-proofed scalability and flexibility. Secure protection from cyberthreats, resilience, and business continuity are integral to everything we do.

Our ‘Tech for Purpose’ operating model supports investment choices that are aligned with a sustainable future, an efficiently operated, resilient business, and a more thriving hybrid workforce. Our added value is helping decision makers protect costs, reduce risks and create a better, greener and more secure future for everyone: all by right-sizing technology and IT investment for best value and business outcomes.

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