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Public and private sector collaborate to develop £500,000 Social Value Management tool

Compliance Chain, a first of its kind construction software tool has invested £500,000 in further developing its “Social Value Management” tool, tailored to feedback from public and private sector Social Value Managers.

Compliance Chain, a first of its kind construction software tool has invested £500,000 in further developing its “Social Value Management” tool, tailored to feedback from public and private sector Social Value Managers.

The platform addresses data challenges across the industry by providing a tool that can measure social impact in a clear and transparent format.

Developments began in November 2022 after a research project with public and private sector organisations found that over 40% Social Value Managers believed that they could not easily measure social value delivery across live projects.

Feedback from over 200 engagement sessions with public sector clients and private sector contractors, found there was a pressing need for good data collection with intelligent reporting abilities. 72% of Social Value Managers also reported the language of social value measures in other platforms to be confusing and difficult to understand what is required of them for evidencing and tracking purposes.

The investment within Compliance Chain addressed this feedback by developing a new user-friendly interface, improved user experience to avoid endless scrolling and simplified language within each measure.

Intelligent and transparent reporting abilities were also a key focus for Compliance Chain, which inspired some of its latest updates. A new programme planning tool was created to ensure users can not only populate targets but programme their delivery to generate real-time progress reports.

A specific social value dashboard was also added to the platform to enable users to see a bird’s eye view of the impact their projects are having on the ground.

The platform has five overarching measures that cover the strategic priorities of local authorities: fostering talent, supporting the advancement of local business, building healthier communities, preserving the natural environment, and promoting social improvement.

Adam Cochrane, Head of Operations at Compliance Chain said:

“After extensive market research with public sector and private sector stakeholders, we found existing platforms to be described as ‘difficult to navigate’ and ‘provide poor reporting outputs.’ Our mission has been to make the lives of Social Value Managers, and CSR Leads easier, whilst driving home that planning and tracking your social impact is of huge importance to the construction industry now and in the future.”

“It was absolutely essential that we used this feedback to drive the investment into the Social Value Management function, and after a successful launch with existing users we have already received extremely positive feedback.”

Social value consultancy, Advance Social Value, led the market research and were a key part of the development process.

Lizz Lee, Head of Social Value at Advance Social Value said:

“Working closely with the developers and Compliance Chain, we have delivered a person-centred system that is both fit for purpose and self-explanatory. Our aim was to ensure all users from social value experts to those new to role would find the process of planning, through to delivery and reporting, a seamless one.

We took on board feedback and gripes from those delivering social value day to day and turned them into solutions with key functions that save time and simplify the day job. The ability to develop a programme and unique dashboard are areas we are excited for users to try. Along with the case study function, designed to enhance future bids and assist in work winning.”

Later this year, Compliance Chain are set to begin further developments that will allow users to track the commitments of their subcontractors and material suppliers.

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