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DB3 Elevates Leadership in Strategic Promotions

DB3 Group, a leading UK-based architecture, engineering, and building solutions consultancy, proudly announces a transformative phase in its operations through a series of strategic promotions.

DB3 Group, a leading UK-based architecture, engineering, and building solutions consultancy, proudly announces a transformative phase in its operations through a series of strategic promotions. Since transitioning to an employee-owned model in December 2022, DB3 has been meticulously working on its succession planning, shaping the company for future growth. The result of these efforts sees a series of key promotions and repositioning of business leaders, marking a significant milestone in DB3’s journey.

To spearhead the company’s ambitious growth targets and strategic focus, DB3 is delighted to welcome two new additions to its Board. Charlotte Scaife has been appointed as Business Development Director, and Matt Ganley takes on the role of Engineering Director. Both Charlotte and Matt bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their positions, ensuring that DB3 is equipped for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Charlotte Scaife will play a pivotal role in strengthening the company’s presence in its niche sectors, across new market regions. In addition to overseeing the company’s client experience, bidding and marketing teams, Charlotte will contribute significantly to DB3’s strategic vision.

Matt Ganley will utilise his extensive experience to further expand DB3’s Building Services Engineering team. His promotion reflects DB3’s commitment to fostering excellence and creating social value through innovation and collaboration.

Having been with the company for 13 years, Matt commented, “It has been really rewarding to grow the Building Services team over recent years, and joining the Board shows the commitment that DB3 has to becoming a truly multi-disciplinary company.”

Charlotte, who joined the practice in 2020 said, “It’s been incredibly fulfilling to see the practice go from strength to strength. I’m so pleased to be promoted to Director alongside Matt, and we are eager to contribute strategically to the broader success of the business. This is an exciting chapter for DB3, and I look forward to what lies ahead.”

In addition to these Board-level promotions, DB3 is proud to announce the elevation of seven team members to new roles in recognition of their dedication and hard work. Among them, Robert Prescott takes on the role of Associate Director, Head of Sports, Leisure & Wellbeing. His instrumental contribution to the “Pivot to Active Wellbeing” scheme, aimed at transforming leisure facilities into community hubs for wellbeing, has been key to DB3’s success.

Michael French, assuming the role of Technical Director, will oversee project delivery company-wide, ensuring that DB3 continues to uphold its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Recognising talent and promoting from within is evident with additional promotions across the company:

Lee Holmes: Senior Associate

Nainita Howard: Associate

Daryl Le Vine: Senior Architect

Martin Zarins: Architectural Technologist / BIM Coordinator 

Alice Morris: Brand Manager

Nathan McNamara, CEO at DB3, celebrated the strategic changes stating “I want to congratulate all nine promotions as they have all worked really hard – and it’s great to see that dedication rewarded.”

“The Board would like to express their appreciation for Charlotte and Matt as they step into their roles as Directors within the company. These strategic appointments are aimed at ensuring DB3’s commitment to serving its clients, which include well-known brands like M&S, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Hugo Boss, as well as contributing to significant infrastructure projects across the UK, such as the £1.2 billion North London Heat and Power Project.”

Alongside these business structure changes, DB3 has also recently relocated its London studio. Having been based in Southwark for the past five years, the London team are now back in the heart of the design quarter, with their new office located on the doorstep of Clerkenwell. The DB3 London team will be celebrating this move with a special event in March. If you would like to attend, please email to register your interest.

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