Pretty much everyone’s at home now.  That’s half a million people on the Wirral and surrounding areas.  Radio has never had such a big audience.

Who are these people?  They’re buyers, company directors, purchasers, clients; they’re not buying now but they will be in the not too distant future.  Now is the time to make sure the brands of the Wirral are entering their ears.

Radio Wirral is a fledgling station, but gaining more & more listeners every day.  In terms of listenership, this lockdown has been great for building our audience.

We’re pumping out back to back music with some shows sponsored by Wirral companies.  No annoying adverts, no stupid jingles followed by Eminem reading 1000 word Terms & Conditions in 3 seconds.  Just a mix of current bands & artists with a sprinkling of classic hits.  Sing-a-long anthems, golden oldies, fresh off the press hits, interspersed with presenters who genuinely love music and the Wirral.

Ever wondered why brands advertise at sporting events?  Is anyone going to buy insurance during a rugby match or book a flight during the Formula 1?  Highly unlikely, and the companies who advertise don’t just do it to get a few free tickets to the VIP box.  They place their advertising there because they know that their branding will be seen by hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

Same with the radio; it puts a brand in the heads of your future customers & let’s face it, after this difficult drought period, they’re going to need them.

So this is an excellent time to start advertising a business.  Because we’re all in this together, we’re giving away sponsorship the show of choice (first come first served) for two months free of charge, provided they have a business, or live, on the Wirral or Merseyside.  There’s no obligation to continue afterwards either, although we hope the resultant traffic will be impressive.

As if free isn’t enough, we’re also promoting these brands across our various social media channels, which have seen an exponential increase in traffic over the last month.  We’d like to say this is due to our interesting content, engaging posts & witty banter but it might be because everyone’s playing on social media to relieve the boredom.  So a double whammy pincer movement of advertising for free.  Who wouldn’t get excited about that?

It’s easy for a business to get set up; they simply contact us online & we’ll be in touch to get them set up as soon as possible.