There was an optimistic tone struck by three eminent speakers at DIB Cheshire’s exclusive ‘Leaders Lunch’ focusing on the future of the county’s marketing strategy and visitor economy.

Caroline Sanger-Davies (Chester Zoo), Stephen Wundke (Taste Cheshire) and Nicola Said (Marketing Cheshire) joined Downtown chief executive Frank McKenna and an audience of fifty Cheshire business leaders at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for a look at what 2020 and beyond looks like for the region’s economy.

Wundke was upbeat in his assessment. “Whatever happens with Brexit, the huge amount of activity, existing and planned, across the county, gives us reason to feel positive about the future. The food & drink sector is in excellent shape. The Racecourse is going to deliver a conference facility that will add significant visitor numbers Chester and there are an increasing number of artisans returning to our high streets. It’s a great time to be involved in business.”

The head of marketing for Chester Zoo, Sanger-Davies confirmed her co-panelists positivity with an exciting presentation of developments that are planned for what is already the most visited attraction in the UK outside of London. The Grasslands project, which will bring Africa to Cheshire, is the next major initiative that Sanger Davies and her colleagues are looking to deliver.

To pull the conversation together, Marketing Cheshire’s Nicola Said explained how her organisation had now aligned with the Local Enterprise Partnership to offer a more coordinated and cohesive approach to the county’s marketing strategy.

DIB chief executive Frank Mckenna commented: “It is clearly a great time to get involved with Cheshire and its business community. Our speakers today were exceptionally positive about the future and Downtown is looking forward to supporting the county’s growth ambitions in the coming months and years.”