The ward is Rosemere Cancer Centre’s in-patient ward. Its house-keeper Christine Ryan has been buying and handing out Rosemere Cancer Foundation funded lollies, which are more than just a refreshing treat, for a number of years.

The charity’s chief officer Dan Hill explained: “Chemotherapy medicines can affect the cells in the taste buds, leaving some patients to complain of a metallic taste in their mouth. Others find that it alters how their food tastes. In either case, sucking an ice lolly can help to numb the taste buds to alleviate both issues.

“Radiotherapy, which is also used to treat some cancers, can cause a dry throat and mouth so again, having an ice lolly can be helpful. Compared to the high tech kit or research into new diagnostic tests or treatments that we fund, buying ice lollies might seem a bit inconsequential but to the patients receiving them, it’s an important aspect of our work and we’re immensely grateful to all our supporters who make it possible.”

Rosemere Cancer Foundation works to bring world class cancer treatments and services to cancer patients from throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria being treated at Rosemere Cancer Centre, the region’s specialist cancer treatment centre at the Royal Preston Hospital, and at another eight local hospital cancer units across the two counties.

The charity funds cutting edge equipment, research, training and other cancer services and therapies that the NHS is unable to afford. For further information on its work, including how to make a donation, visit