A year’s supply of new cards costs only £80 but their value is huge as Jo Wilkinson, lead chemotherapy acute oncology cancer nurse specialist, explains: “Chemotherapy suppresses the immune system so an infection can quickly take an overwhelming hold.

“Patients carry the cards with them all the time. If they do become ill, the cards alert any health professionals treating them to the fact they are undergoing chemotherapy. They then know to look for the signs and symptoms of neutropenic sepsis. This can be a life-threatening condition in cancer patients that occurs because their immune system is weakened by their chemotherapy treatment.”

Rosemere Cancer Foundation works to bring world class cancer treatments and services to cancer patients from throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria being treated at Rosemere Cancer Centre, the region’s specialist cancer treatment centre at the Royal Preston Hospital, and at another eight local hospital cancer units across the two counties.

The charity funds cutting edge equipment, research, training and other cancer services and therapies that the NHS is unable to afford. For further information on its work, including how to make a donation, visit www.rosemere.org.uk