It’s an old cliché, but a practical one, to use this time of year to take stock of previous successes and challenges, while looking ahead imaginatively at opportunities to come. This is a mentality not at all unfamiliar to architects, who are constantly seeking inventive ways to combine the old and familiar with the new and innovative. Blending old and new architecture has as much to do with modes in aesthetic preference as it does with necessity, brought about for instance by changing living patterns and industry developments. Good design holds onto the tried-and-true, lets go of hackneyed conventions, is forward-facing and fit for the future. The finished result, hopefully, is a pleasingly stark contrast in which old and new elements aren’t fighting it out with each other, but rather the best of both are celebrated in balance.

SDA Architecture applies this same thinking to its business model as it looks back on 2018 and assesses the year ahead. Now three years in and thoroughly established within the residential sector, the practice portfolio has grown to include projects as varied as the region’s first community-driven indoor climbing centre and a major recycling & biowaste processing plant. New projects for 2019 see SDA exploring further into the retail and business sectors, as well as larger-scale housing schemes. With continuing emphasis on its proud local ethos, the company’s client base now extends the length and breadth of the UK. Ever keen to expand and diversify, SDA looks forward to building on last year’s success with further diversification of its portfolio by increasing its network of contacts in the year ahead.