About Western Union Business Solutions

Western Union pioneered the idea of moving money around the world and has been connecting people globally for over 170 years. As one of the world’s leading providers of cross-border business payments, Western Union Business Solutions is transforming how businesses can expand globally through one of the largest and most diverse payment networks in the world.

Thanks to their long history in money transfers, Western Union Business Solution is the ideal partner of large and small businesses for international payments in over 130 currencies around the world.


Featured Western Union Business Solutions Articles

The Journey & Innovation to Net Zero

Join Access2Funding and Western Union Business Solutions’ Journey and Innovation to Net Zero, where they will talk through the step-by-step changes that can be implemented to help businesses achieve sustainability.

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September Market Events and Currency Guide

ayments partner, Western Union Business Solutions, provides us with monthly market insight into global currencies. The September reports outline the key events and drivers that their analyst team expect to impact FX currency markets in the weeks ahead.

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