Steps to working together – and keeping our gates open for good

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Everyone deserves a opportunity to work and a sense of purpose in life. Some have had to work through more
barriers than others and haven’t been given the support they deserve. The Steps to Work programme at Strawberry
offers people from all walks of life the chance to overcome their barriers and believe in a working future. Our
12- 18 month programme offers intensive support and guidance in all areas required to become work ready and we
would like to partner with you as a placement provider.

Benefits to the trainee
A reliable and committed employee for a 3 month period or beyond.
Affiliation with Strawberry Field including access to onsite training suite venue and gardens.
Promotion of your diverse workforce through our website and social media
Free staff training provisions within Disability confidence and Equality and Diversity
A member of the Steps to Work team to assist and guide you and the trainee through their working experience.

Benefits to you
Be offering someone an opportunity of a real working environment
A maximum of 12 hour work placement per week for 3 months
Offering a safe and supportive environment for someone to strive and succeed.
Reducing social stigmas and championing social justic

The Salvation Army is a Church and registered Charity in England (214779), Wales (214779), Scotland (SC009359) and the Republic of Ireland (CHY6399)

Steps to Working Together and keeping our gates open for good

More organisations are seeing the benefits of a diverse workforce – be one of them in 2021 and work together with
Steps to Work at Strawberry Field.

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