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Still want the job Rachel?

  • by chris

In his blog Jim asks if Rachael Reeves still wants the job of Chancellor after Jeremy Hunt has stolen her policies and left a legacy of tax increases and spending cuts.

Will the Tories be forgiven?

  • by chris

The Chancellor is cherpy but is he entitled to be? Jim analyses the Autumn Statement and Labour’s pledge to back the tax cuts.

The Hunt is on

  • by chris

The highest taxes for generations and falling living standards, yet argues Jim in his latest blog, the Chancellor offered stability and some ground breaking measures for the North and Midlands in this week’s Budget.

Go for growth Chancellor

  • by chris

Frank McKenna urges the Chancellor to use his £30 Billion windfall to support business and the economy, and go for growth, when he delivers his budget next month.

We do not Truss you

  • by chris

Jim reflects on the spectacular economic implosion of the new Truss government and reports on the level of interest from business in the Labour Party that he noted at their Liverpool conference.

Remember levelling up Rishi?

  • by chris

Jim looks at the implications of the Chancellor’s statement on the Levelling Up agenda and the date of the next General Election.

Cheery defiance to the gathering storm

  • by chris

Jim asks if the Chancellor’s breezy Budget optimism is justified and the difficulty Labour has in opposing a high spending, high taxing government.

Does Debt Matter?

In his 400th blog for Downtown, Jim asks how the huge bill for Covid-19 is going to be paid for. Some experts say let the deficit take care of itself, but Jim thinks some tax rises are inevitable.