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The Conservative Party Conference review

DIB Liverpool Member and Conservative Party activist Mark Butchard attended the Tory Party conference in Birmingham. Here he offers his thoughts on what was considered a tough week for new Prime Minister Liz Truss and her team.

Is Johnson really gone?

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On his return from a summer break, Jim examines the real possibility of Boris Johnson attempting a comeback.

And then there were two…

Simon Danczuk takes a look at what the Tory leadership vote means for the Conservatives and Labours chances at the next General Election.

They went too soon

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Did the rebels try to topple the Prime Minister too soon? Jim speculates on the chances of Boris Johnson leading the party into the next election.Also,as the Jubilee bunting comes down Jim reflects on the relationship between the Queen and her fourteen Prime Ministers.

Drip… Drip… Drip

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Jim examines the efforts to unseat the Prime Minister as speculation grows that their could be a vote on his future soon. He also has some reflections on the Platinum Jubilee.

If it ain’t broke

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Jim thinks there is no need to privatise Channel Four which has become a force for good for the northern media industry. He also look back on this week thirty and forty years ago which brought turning points for the Conservative Party.

Master of all he surveys – for now

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This week Frank McKenna reflects on Boris Johnson’s early weeks in power – and questions the legitimacy of Manchester City Football Club’s European ban.

Having a gaffe

This week Frank McKenna reflects on an inauspicious start to the election campaign for both main parties; comments on the Manifesto for the North; and offers support for a Conservative politician in Birmingham.

A plague on both your houses

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This week Frank McKenna suggests that we may be witnessing the end of the traditional two-party domination of British politics and he reflects on an incredible week of Champions League football.

A disease without any cure?

In his latest Downtown blog Frank McKenna reflects on the defections from the Labour and Conservative parties this week.

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