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At least inflation’s down!

  • by chris

Jim reviews one of the most dramatic weeks in British politics. Apart from the news on inflation, he thinks the outlook is bleak for the Prime Minister.

Keir bulldozing Tamworth and Mid Beds!

  • by chris

The voters verdict on the party conference season will come in next week’s two by elections. Jim looks back on the Liverpool gathering and asks if Sir Keir Starmer has taken a gamble on housing.

The New Conservatives

  • by chris

What are the NEW Conservatives – and why have they come up with a 12-point plan that would make Britain poorer?

Starmer deserves more credit

  • by chris

Frank McKenna explains why Keir Starmer deserves more credit for the job he has done as Labour leader since taking over from Jeremy Corbyn just three-years ago.

Tough on Russia and EU, but is it enough?

  • by chris

Jim thinks the Prime Minister is showing European leadership on Ukraine but pettiness on Brexit. He also includes a comprehensive reflection on the local election results in the North West.

Brexit to trump local issues in poll?

This week Jim previews next week’s major round of local elections in the North. There are many important issues facing our Town Halls but, more than is usually the case, this contest will be dominated by national politics. It could be a rough night for the Tories in their rural heartland.