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Labour’s Scottish opportunity

  • by chris

Jim feels Labour have a chance of regaining seats in Scotland because of the Scot Nats poor record on services for which their new leader must take some of the blame.He also reports on a major shake up in local government in Cumbria.

Can Lancs have cake and eat it?

  • by chris

The defection of the Bury South MP to Labour has only served to prop up Boris Johnson according to Jim. But his blog this week focuses on Lancashire’s unusual bid for devolution and the challenge faced by small businesses by Greater Manchester’s Clean Air Zone.

Devolution – What Next?

  • by chris

Will the new Minister for Housing, Communities & Local Government progress the devolution agenda – or has the King of the North put the Tories off Mayors?

Chop this tall popinjay!

  • by chris

Has levelling up the North been abandoned? Is the government spooked by voters in Amersham? Jim looks at the prospects for real money and power being devolved to our cities, towns and countryside.

Has devolution for the Liverpool City Region been a success?

  • by chris

At a recent Downtown in Business Liverpool event, we were joined by Professor Michael Parkinson from the Heseltine Institute and Alison McGovern, MP for Wirral South, to discuss the successes and failures of Devolution for the Liverpool City Region.