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The Downtown Den Politics Podcast | 7th November 2023

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The latest episode of the Downtown Den Politics podcast with Frank McKenna and Jim Hancock discusses the spate of resignations in the Labour party, the PM’s AI summit and another challenging week for him. There’s also a discussion on who will be the next U.S. President.

I did it my way!

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Rishi Sunak ‘celebrated’ his first anniversary as PM this week. As Frank McKenna reminds us, it has not been the easiest year for the man who was once seen as the ‘grown up centrist’ who could save the government.

Events dear boy

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In his blog Jim reflects that there is still a way to go until the next General Election. Unpredictable events, like Gaza, can shake even the most succesful parties, as Labour is showing.

Shadow ministers address DIB event

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Downtown in Business, in association with Deloitte, hosted an exclusive private dinner at the INNSIDE by Melia hotel in Liverpool on Tuesday evening, reflecting on the Labour Party conference.

Keir bulldozing Tamworth and Mid Beds!

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The voters verdict on the party conference season will come in next week’s two by elections. Jim looks back on the Liverpool gathering and asks if Sir Keir Starmer has taken a gamble on housing.

Labour: Ming vase or firm pledges?

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How will Labour respond to another extraordinary Tory conference. Jim doesn’t think they can restore HS2 but what about some bold policies on social care and housing?

Green retreat as Europe burns

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Jim looks forward to more difficult by elections for the government and fears for the green agenda after last week’s contests.

The people set to speak

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The stakes are high for Labour and the Conservatives in next week’s “mini General Election. Jim looks at the prospects.

Driscoll: A Labour purge too far?

Jim asks are the North West’s two elected mayors risking a dangerous divide with “London Labour” in a row over a mayoral candidate in the North East?

The Turmoil returns

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Jim reflects on the return of turmoil in British politics and its not just amongst the Tories. He looks at Sir Keir Starmer’s continuing purge of the left and changes at Town Halls across the region following the local elections.

Starmer deserves more credit

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Frank McKenna explains why Keir Starmer deserves more credit for the job he has done as Labour leader since taking over from Jeremy Corbyn just three-years ago.