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Are MPs becoming an endangered species?

  • by chris

The number of MPs standing down at the next election is growing. The number lining up to replace them is in decline. Why is politics no longer seen as the attractive career choice it once was?

Is Britain broken?

  • by chris

How could a new government start to turn the UKs fortunes around? Frank McKenna offers some ideas.

The UK is heading for a hung parliament

  • by chris

Despite all the trials and tribulations suffered by the Conservative Party, and the country, since the 2019 election, Frank McKenna still thinks a hung parliament is the most likely outcome following the next national poll, expected in 2024.

Manchester HS2 Parliamentary Reception

  • by chris

Take a look at our recent Parliamentary Reception and why we joined business and political leaders to highlight need for an undergrouund HS2 station at Manchester Piccadilly.

Mr Speaker to attend DIB Parliamentary Reception

  • by chris

The Speaker of the House, Lindsay Hoyle, will be the guest of honour at the Downtown in Business Parliamentary Reception, which takes place on the evening of Monday 18th October at the Palace of Westminster.

Crisis, what crisis?

  • by chris

In his latest blog, Frank McKenna says there is an urgent need for a constitutional shake-up in the UK, as the governments Brexit shambles goes from bad to worse.