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‘Meet the Partner’ #4 | Jayne Moore, CEO, Moore Media

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Next up in our ‘Meet the Partner’ series is Jayne Moore, the CEO of Moore Media. Jayne and Frank reflect on Jayne’s business journey so far, from owning and running an lifestyle magazine in Birmingham in the late 90’s to celebrating 10 years of Moore Media.

‘Meet the Partner’ #2 | Graham Vidler CEO, CPT

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Next up in our ‘Meet the Partner’ series is Graham Vidler, the chief executive of CPT. Graham focuses on the transport issues facing the country and how buses can be utilised to help alleviate some of these issues.

The Downtown Den Podcast – Season Three ‘The Business of Sport’

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Downtown in Business will host its inaugural ‘Business of Sport’ conference in the autumn. To give you a taste of the type of discussions and debates that will be taking place at the conference, event sponsor VSI Executive Education have worked in partnership with DIB to record a series of fascinating conversations with personalities who are involved in sport.

‘Meet the Partner’ #1 | Asif Ghafoor CEO, Be.EV

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Downtown in Business is fortunate to work in partnership with some of the very best businesses across the country. First up, Asif Ghafoor, the chief executive of Be.EV, a company that is at the forefront of driving the net zero agenda.

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