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Lack of Vision

  • by chris

Jim was underwhelmed by the New Year speeches from the Prime Minister and Labour leader. He’s calling for some vision and leadership,particularly on social care. He also looks forward to a pivotal year in politics with important local election in the North West.

Has politics become a sport?

Frank McKenna thinks that politics has become a sport? Kurt Zouma was condemned by most people for brutalising his cat – but his club and its fans got behind him. Boris Johnson is being battered in the polls for his recent behaviour by voters – but Tory party activists still back him? So, has ‘tribalism’ replaced common-sense when it comes to political discussion and debate?

The Business of Politics

  • by chris

As a DIB poll finds that most business leaders feel abandoned by the political parties, Frank McKenna asks if Andy Street’s suggestion, that more entrepreneurs should go into politics, is the answer?

Fade to Grey

  • by chris

Piers Morgan’s departure from GMB was welcomed by many of us. But, in truth, is it further evidence of the erosion of mature debate in our ever -more polarised country?

When Did ‘Compromise’ Become a Dirty Word?

  • by chris

In his latest Downtown blog, Frank McKenna says that ‘compromise’ should be seen as a positive quality – and is the only thing that can stop the UK from ‘crashing out’ of the EU.