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Rishi Sunak

The Downtown Den Politics Podcast | 26th January 2024

  • by chris

The Daily Telegraph is after him, Simon Clarke is after him, and now a former advisor to the PM is apparently part of a group of Tories who are after him too. Would the Conservatives really give us our fourth prime minister in two years?

Winners & Losers in 2023

  • by chris

Jim gives us his winners and losers from a year which, he thinks, leaves
us with little to be optimistic about.

Obsessed Prime Ministers

  • by chris

The Prime Minister has created a first class political crisis by staking the whole government’s credibility on the narrow issue of Stop the Boats according to Jim in his latest blog.

Has Rishi lost his marbles?

  • by chris

Playing ‘Culture Wars’ can backfire spectacularly if you’re not careful – has Rishi Sunak discovered to his cost this week. A Greek tragedy for the PM, as he finally lost his Marbles!

Oh God What Now?

  • by chris

Since entering Number 10, Rishi Sunak has almost permanently has his head in his hands. Can the PM get a break between now and the next General Election?