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Scots and the General Election

  • by chris

Amid all the turmoil in Scotland, Jim notes the support for independence is still strong. He also reports on a great Downtown event that looked at the challenges Manchester still faces in redevelopment.

Labour’s Scottish opportunity

  • by chris

Jim feels Labour have a chance of regaining seats in Scotland because of the Scot Nats poor record on services for which their new leader must take some of the blame.He also reports on a major shake up in local government in Cumbria.

Stands Scotland where it did?

  • by chris

Jim quotes some Shakespeare this week as he analyses the race to succeed Nicola Sturgeon. “Stands Scotland where it did?” is a question in the play Macbeth. No is Jim’s answer as he looks at the successes and failures of the remarkable Scottish First Minister.

Trans rights political minefield for all

  • by chris

Jim joins the debate raging over trans rights and thinks the issue could have dangerous consequences for Labour and particularly the Scottish Nationalists.

Get Powerhouse done!

In his final Downtown Monthly blog for 2019, Downtown Political Editor, Jim Hancock explores what the result of the 2019 General Election might have in store.