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Can Sunak Hold his Tory Coalition Together?

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Rishi Sunak has steadied the Tory ship. But can he hold together his ‘broad church’ of a party if the local election results are as bad for the Conservatives as some are predicting?

The elephant in the room

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Its time for our political leaders to have an honest conversation with us about the UKs future relationship with the European Union, according to Downtown boss Frank McKenna.

The UK is heading for a hung parliament

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Despite all the trials and tribulations suffered by the Conservative Party, and the country, since the 2019 election, Frank McKenna still thinks a hung parliament is the most likely outcome following the next national poll, expected in 2024.

Has Sunak finally got Brexit done?

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Frank McKenna reflects on Rishi Sunak’s ‘Windsor Agreement’ – and the potential impact it has on the wider UKs future relationship with the EU.

What to make of the Windsor soup?

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Jim comments on the many political consequences that may flow from the Windsor Agreement. Closer ties to Europe, intense pressure on the Democratic Unionists and a boost for the PM.

Lack of Vision

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Jim was underwhelmed by the New Year speeches from the Prime Minister and Labour leader. He’s calling for some vision and leadership,particularly on social care. He also looks forward to a pivotal year in politics with important local election in the North West.

Trains are on strike – How can you tell?

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The rail Unions have announced a series of strikes during the Christmas period. But, such has been the chaotic state of the railways in the north of England for months now, Frank McKenna asks ‘how can we tell?’

A Baptism of Fire

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Rishi Sunak has not enjoyed much of a honeymoon period as Prime Minister. Frank McKenna reflects on the baptism of fire the new man in Number 10 has had to face.

Brexit is done – so what now?

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The Tory leadership contest is long on time – but short on ideas. The 2019 election campaign promised to deliver Brexit. But now what? Truss nor Sunak appear to have the answer, anymore than Johnson did.

Ripping themselves apart

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Jim asks if Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are going to continue tearinging each other apart in the Tory leadership contest? He also wonders if party members want ideological tax cuts or a chance of winning the next election when they cast their votes?

The ‘peace dividend’ ends just at the wrong time

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With the Governor of the Bank of England predicting a recession, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine smashing the ‘peace dividend’ and the prime minister indulging in economic Cake-ism, does the government have a plan to grow the economy? Frank McKenna suggests tax -cutting may be the way to go.

Sunak confirms that he has no plan

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The introduction of a windfall tax may offer some short-term relief for those hardest hit by energy price hikes – but it is no substitute for an economic strategy. Frank McKenna argues that Rishi Sunak and the government has no clue as how to manage the economy – and is the first Conservative administration to have an aversion to tax cuts.

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