Can Boris bounce back?

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In his latest blog, Frank McKenna warns Boris Johnson that he must find a new way of operating if he is to maintain his position in 10 Downing Street.

The destabilising decade

In his last blog of the year, Jim looks back on the most turbulent decade ever in British politics. It began with Gordon Brown determined to make Labour the natural party of power and ended with it looking unlikely they will ever be in power again.

Predicted Tory victory could help Labour

The more likely a Tory victory becomes, the more chance Labour has of winning back voters who have deserted them in Leave seats, so argues Downtown boss Frank McKenna in his latest blog. He also slams the BBCs election campaign coverage.

The Party’s Over

As another high-profile MP quits the party and they slip 15 points behind the Tories in the polls, Frank Mckenna questions the future prospects of Labour in his latest blog.

No Honeymoon for the clown

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This week Jim expresses his concern that Remainers lack the courage of strategy to stop the UK leaving the EU. He also looks at the challenge next week’s by-election in Wales presents for the new Prime Minister.

Stand by for No Deal under Johnson

This week Jim looks at a major move by northern Labour MPs to back Brexit. He also wonders if Chuka Umunna could be a disruptive force in the Liberal Democrats.

Prorogation outrage

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This week Jim gives his latest views on the Brexit debate, assesses the 11 contenders for the Tory leadership race and wonders if we have learnt all the lessons about D-Day.

When Did ‘Compromise’ Become a Dirty Word?

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In his latest Downtown blog, Frank McKenna says that ‘compromise’ should be seen as a positive quality – and is the only thing that can stop the UK from ‘crashing out’ of the EU.