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No bail outs, just build houses!

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Building thousands of council houses without the right to buy is the only way to solve the mounting housing crisis. Jim suggests it might actually be popular with Tory voters.

Has the Tory party lost the plot?

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Have the fruitcakes taken over the Tory asylum? Frank McKenna reflects on two Conservative conferences that took place this week.

Can Sunak Hold his Tory Coalition Together?

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Rishi Sunak has steadied the Tory ship. But can he hold together his ‘broad church’ of a party if the local election results are as bad for the Conservatives as some are predicting?

Evidence of momentum

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Jim gives a comprehensive preview of the big round of local elections coming up next month. He identifies the key contests in the North West and the prospects for the political parties 18 months from a General Election.

Resolving conflicts

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We have been celebrating 25 years of relative peace in Ulster this week, Jim asks how that, and other major conflicts are finally going to be resolved. He also has concerns over Labour’s personal attack on the Prime Minister.

Negative campaigning works

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Controversy has followed the Labour Party’s latest series of election campaign posters. However, Frank McKenna tells us why negative campaigning often works.

North West test for the Rishi bounce

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There isn’t going to be a General Election, but the North West will see a significant test of how large that Labour lead is. Jim reviews the challenges and opportunities for the new Prime Minister.

Is the Tory party ungovernable?

Truss has gone, but who will take over? And does it matter? Sunak is hated by Boris’ crowd. Hunt is hated by the ERG. Braverman is hated by the electorate. Mordaunt – Meh. Frank McKenna suggests that the Conservative Party has become ungovernable.

Never mind tax cuts… what about reform?

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Why is the Tory leadership race dominated by an arms race on tax cuts? Jim argues that the candidates should be talking about reform of our collapsing public services. He also celebrates the opening of the Shakespeare North Playhouse in Prescot.

The rise of Red Wall Tories

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Are northern Red Wall Tories about to replace the old guard as the MPs with clout in the Conservative Party? Jim poses the question in the aftermath of the Paterson Affair. He also reports on some great ideas for helping state school pupils suggested at a recent Downtown event.

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