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Totally Frank

Bold Labour? Don’t hold your breath

Rishi Sunak may look like a dead man walking. However, don’t expect the opposition to be celebrating victory anytime soon. Why Labour will remain cautious in the run up to the next election.

Where the F**K do we start?

After another calamitous week for Rishi Sunak and his government, Frank McKenna spent some time with Labours great and good this week – and found a party that is confident, but not complacent.

Is the Tory party ungovernable?

Truss has gone, but who will take over? And does it matter? Sunak is hated by Boris’ crowd. Hunt is hated by the ERG. Braverman is hated by the electorate. Mordaunt – Meh. Frank McKenna suggests that the Conservative Party has become ungovernable.

In Liz They Truss

Labour should not be complacent about Liz Truss. Frank McKenna warns Keir Starmer that the new Tory leader will be no pushover…

That was a week (and a half) that was

  • by chris

Frank McKenna attended high-level functions with both Labour and Conservative politicians this week – and he found both parties in good spirits.

When Did ‘Compromise’ Become a Dirty Word?

  • by chris

In his latest Downtown blog, Frank McKenna says that ‘compromise’ should be seen as a positive quality – and is the only thing that can stop the UK from ‘crashing out’ of the EU.