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The price of Truss and Brexit

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Jim analyses the Chancellor’s statement blaming Brexit and Liz Truss more than Covid and Ukraine for the mess.He also reports on a row amongst Labour members in Bury South.

Worse and worse

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Jim comments on the worsening crisis for the government, analysing the latest wrong moves of the Prime Minister and wonders if it will end in the unthinkable.

Truss in charge or goverment?

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Jim agrees with the pollsters that it is going to be difficult for the government to recover from their disastrous conference. But he thinks Labour would face the same borrowing issues.

Brexit is done – so what now?

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The Tory leadership contest is long on time – but short on ideas. The 2019 election campaign promised to deliver Brexit. But now what? Truss nor Sunak appear to have the answer, anymore than Johnson did.

Ripping themselves apart

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Jim asks if Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are going to continue tearinging each other apart in the Tory leadership contest? He also wonders if party members want ideological tax cuts or a chance of winning the next election when they cast their votes?

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