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A week in America | 29 April 2022

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On the 50th anniversary of Jimmy Reid’s speech at Glasgow University, Martin Liptrot looks at how it is possibly more relevant to Americans today than it was back then.

A week in America | 17 December 2021

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“It’s the economy, stupid.” Martin Liptrot looks at the consequences of the recent standoff over increasing the U.S. Governments borrowing limit.

A week in America | 13 August 2021

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This week Martin Liptrot discusses the U.S. $1trillion Infrastructure Bill and how the politicians might have a chance to make inner cities rival the suburbs as the place to be.

A week in America | 14 May 2021

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This week in America the primaries and run-offs to the 2021 elections are already well underway. Martin Liptrot discusses the parallels and differences between the U.S and UK in its Mayors.

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