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Does the BBC have a future?

  • by chris

Can the BBC put recent controversies behind it and have a long-term future? Frank McKenna’s latest blog looks at the trials and tribulations of Britains best known media organisation.

A week in America | 30 September 2022

  • by chris

As UK Trade Minister, Kemi Badenoch flew in in the U.S. to promote the UK as the place for American businesses to do business, Martin explores the ‘special relationship’ between the two countries.

So, this is global Britain!

  • by chris

Jim examines what the government’s vision for “Global Britain” means in the light of humiliation in Afghanistan whilst at home the shortage of EU lorry drivers is affecting supermarket supplies and car production. He also comments on an important trade union election.

It’s infrastructure stupid

Frank Mckenna calls on the government to prioritise infrastructure spend to get the UK economy moving in his lates Downtown blog.

A pointless election?

In his latest blog, Frank McKenna suggests that the forthcoming European elections will be a pointless exercise that will have no impact on the Brext debate in Westminster.

Crisis, what crisis?

  • by chris

In his latest blog, Frank McKenna says there is an urgent need for a constitutional shake-up in the UK, as the governments Brexit shambles goes from bad to worse.