A Liverpool based technology company has responded to the impact the COVID-19 outbreak is having on its clients by launching a new dedicated feature to support them.

Gas Tag provides award-winning compliance products to the housing sector to support landlord and housing associations to carry out safety work and meet regulations.

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing issues across the sector. Many landlords are unable to carry out regulatory requirements, such as annual gas safety checks and other compliance services due to residents self-isolating.

The sector has been advised that it should continue to carry out gas and safety checks as normal. In the event landlords are unable to complete the work due to COVID-19, they are required to keep records and evidence.

To support landlords to easily report on incidents where they are unable to carry out work due to a resident self-isolating, Gas Tag has launched a new feature that allows the contractor to mark an unable to access (UTA) as due to self-isolation.

This information can then be used along with the geo-tagged and time-stamped photographic evidence to demonstrate that reasonable efforts have been made to attend a property and carry out the safety checks.

Peter Howe, Chief Technology Officer at Gas Tag, said: “We have been talking to our clients throughout this outbreak and it was clear that they would be needing further support as they faced increasing difficulties accessing properties.

“Thanks to years of development work our product is easily adaptable and our team has worked hard behind the scenes to get this update ready and available as quickly as possible.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has meant we are all working in uncharted waters and having to adapt to changing conditions. We hope this update will help housing providers and contractors in their efforts to keep residents safe and meet their regulatory obligations.”

The new feature will be available to Gas Tag users in an update from Monday.

To find out more about Gas Tag, visit gastag.co.uk.